"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little “EXTRA""!

The Little Citizen Academy Group offer a number of fun and educational extra-mural activities presented at our premises weekly and during school terms only. The extra-murals may vary from branch to branch. It is optional and payments for these activities are payable separately to the Instructor of the specific extra mural activity. Payment details for the extra mural activities are available on their info brochures.

The following extra mural activities are offered during 2015 at The Little Citizen Academy (Toddler Academy) Wilropark, weekly and during school terms only.

KINDERMUSIK (3 months – 7 years)

Kindermusik has a learning purpose for every child. It helps the child to receive the full developmental benefits of music and movement. It is not about making little Mozarts. It’s about developing life-enhancing skills, for children age of 0 - 7 years – cognitive, physical, social, emotional, language and musical.

A qualified Kindermusik Instructor will be visiting us weekly for a 30 minute session per group of 12 children. More information is available via the Kindermusik brochure.

MONKEYNASTIX (18 months – 7 years)

Monkeynastix operates with the philosophy to teach children in a fun, safe environment and raise levels of self-confidence. This is a circular goal with no beginning and no end, but which continually feeds on the nourishment of the opportunity to move.

Their fun and creative approach to movement allows children to be children again. Monkeynastix is a broad-based, holistic program that combines creativity, music and storytelling with basic training in flexibility, balance, strength, agility, co-ordination and body awareness. Your child will love each energy-packed lesson. More information is available via the Monkeynastix brochure.

Pottery provides the children with additional activities to develop fine-motor co- ordination.
The program concentrates on rugby-based, physical and motor-skill development. Rugga Kids sessions are both structured and fun ensuring that the learner develops social and team skills in a stimulating environment.
As leaders, performers and emotionally rounded kids, drama makes kids shine. Drama makes a difference not only now, but later on in life when feeling good about yourself is important. The program focuses on exploring fun themes that encourages interactive learning.
Playball focus on different sports such as soccer, rugby, hockey, netball, tennis, cricket, basketball and baseball. Our mission is to develop a love for sport and movement, therefore we give a lot of personal acknowledgement. Our starting point is self-confidence. Fast learning and healthy relationships are a result of good self-confidence on the sports field. The lessons are fun, creative and structured and movement is paramount.
We want to make all little ones aspiring dancers and offer them the chance to make their dreams become a reality. Our passion driven teachers have been at the top of their game for many years and have showcased their talents abroad and worked for some of the most prestigious companies in the entertainment industry.