“The expert in anything was once a beginner. If you are good to your staff when things are going well,
they’ll rally when times go bad”

Mark Kay Ash

All of the Toddler Academy staff members are completely dedicated to the healthy environment of our toddlers in our Academy. Our Teachers in the Toddler Academy offers learners in the Pre-school phase a firm foundation towards the outcome of the National Curriculum. Our experienced pre- and primary school qualified teachers are equipped to teach across the entire Developmental Phase.

Our Assistants in the Toddler Academy are also trained and experienced and further training ensures that all staff is fully equipped to perform their daily duties in a proficient and adequate manner.

The internal members of The Toddler Academy team include:

  • Owner / Franchisee
  • Principal / Teacher
  • Teachers
  • Assistants
  • Cleaners
  • Chef
  • Gardener / Security Official

In order to achieve the highest level of care and development within The Toddler Academy, we limit the number of toddlers per teacher to 20 per class.

Our qualified pre-school teachers prepare school-readiness for our toddlers to progress to either private or public primary schools in Grade RR (00) and Grade R (0).