The Little Citizen Academy in Wilropark is in existence for the past 12 years.

Up and until 2013 the schools operated under the names and style Twinkle Tiny Toes (for the babies) and Twinkle Toddler Toes (for the older children).

The Little Citizen Academy Wilropark are 2 separate schools situated on opposite sides of the road, being No. 19 and 20 Boerneef Street in Wilropark., Roodepoort.

The Baby Academy consists of a total number of 72 children and is currently a feeder school for The Toddler Academy.  The Baby Academy provides approximately 24 - 30 toddler “citizens” every year to The Toddler Academy who is also licensed to accommodate 72 – 80 children.

The Academy is well known in the area for its outstanding teaching methodology and curriculum and is a feeder school for many of the primary schools in the area.