Reach out to the Abraham Kriel Childrens Home, Modimole Carols by Candlelight on 20 November 2016

Since 2008 Yolanda van Zyl owner of The Little Citizen Academy and her team have been involved with a Carols by Candlelight project whereby we reach out to the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home, Modimole by accepting their Children’s Christmas wish lists.

We contribute through displaying the wish lists on our notice boards where parents take responsibility for 1 child’s wishes.

We are glad to say that we have always fulfilled all of the wish lists and thank our wonderful parents for their continued support during the last 8 years. On the evening of our Christmas event, our parents with the assistance of our Little Citizens place all the presents under our special Christmas tree. Our little citizens celebrate Christmas with a special Christmas concert together with a Carols by Candle light evening where we hand the presents over to the representatives of the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home.