“Silence is golden and it surely doesn’t mean consent, so start practicing the art of communication”.

Our Care givers at The Little Citizen Academy use a daily communication journal which provides feedback to the parent.

Important information regarding your baby’s breakfast, lunch, nap times, administering of medication, nappy usage, stimulation activities etc. is recorded daily in a weekly record structure.

Communication letters are sent our periodically and Newsletter monthly, keeping our parents up to date of all happenings at the Academy.


Keeping children safe is our TOP priority.

The following security and safety interventions apply at all times:

  • Security Guard on-site
  • Armed response and paramedic
  • Neighbourhoodwatch
  • Qualified First Aid Staff
  • Sterilization of all equipment
  • All cleaning materials and products are child friendly and eco-friendly
  • Implemented Air Care UVC sanitizers to maximize a germ-free environment
  • Monthly Pest Control services to maintain our Academy in a clean, tip-top condition
  • Implemented hand drying-air machines
  • Hygiene pop-up wet-wipe machines for cleaning hands, mouths and bums (no face cloths)

Our Academy is fully equipped with surveillance cameras to cover all our class rooms, changing areas as well as our inside/outside playground areas. Cameras also cover the entrance and exit gates in the parking area. The cameras are for the benefit of all our babies and toddlers and to provide our parents 100 % assurance of the safety and care to your baby. If an unfortunate, serious incident should occur, (e.g. broken arm, unknown fall which has severe complications etc,) we invite our Parents to view the recorded version of the incident. The viewings must be requested within a 48 hour period after the incident, failing which the recorded version will not be made available as the recordings are only stored for a period of 7 days.

The recordings will be made available for viewing at the premises of the school in the presence of the Principal/Owner. We are in the process of upgrading our surveillance cameras in order for our parents to view their little ones on the website. Designated areas are linked to the web camera where parents can log in and view their little ones during the day from their computer at work or from home. Parents can log in from the Website link after registering for a log-in access code - which can be done here. Upon successful registration, you will receive a user Id and password for your personal usage only. Please do not share your code with others in order for us to keep the security and privacy of our school restricted at all times.

We have an active Whatsapp Group where we, via cell phone text our parents making communication easier. Please provide us with the preferred number, either mommy’s or daddy’s in your child’s communication book.

As you know, Facebook forms part of a public forum. We have therefore decided in line with our security policy, to rather have our clients and their families request access to become a member of our Closed Group. The Group will allow you to view monthly photos of your little ones, inform you of exciting events and important information. To join, kindly send us a friend request.

On receiving your request and after a deu screening process, we shall revert back by accepting or declining a new applicants request.  This process forms part of our security policy.  Family and friends are also invited to join The Little Citizen Academy Closed Group.  On receiving their request with their relevant info, the same screening process will be applied for the reasons as stated above.

Please remember to share your comments when you visit us on Facebook. We will appreciate your feedback and will love to read your messages and views when you have seen what your little ones had been up to. What a lovely way to show-off your little ones to your family and friends and view the many surprises your babies may have up their sleeves!!


We love to celebrate your baby and toddler’s 1st and 2nd Birthday. Birthdays are considered a very exciting and important event at our school! To make it extra special for your little one, you are welcome to send along cake with one/two candles on the day of your baby’s birthday.

Party time begins at 10:00 in the morning and your baby will wear a special party hat and sit amongst his/her friends.

We will gather around your little one and sing our very special birthday song. Photographs of your little one’s birthday celebration together with his/her friends will be taken and you may view these on our Facebook page monthly.


We follow the Government school terms accordingly. This means that our class activities and stimulation programs are specifically planned for each term.
For your ease of reference, please refer to Operating Times to view a detailed table of the specific public and government school holidays for 2015

During school holidays, we follow a special planned holiday program where fun activities are offered such as dress-up themes, popcorn and movie time to name but a few.

Special attention with EXTRA LOVING CARE

We understand that it is of utmost importance to you to feel comfortable when leaving your most precious “little gift” in our care. Therefore, to enable us to provide the very best care possible for your little one at all times, your co-operation is of utmost importance to adhere to our methods and rules.

You are welcome to phone during the day and for e.g. request how your little one is doing, inform us of the terrible night you may have had in order for us to take special care.

Your baby may develop a fever while in our care, and you will be telephonically informed of the temperature and what action we suggest you should take. You will be contacted, should your baby fall ill or have had a little accident whilst in our care. Biting, bruising and injuries will also be jotted down in your child’s book as well as verbally communicated to you.

An experienced Kiddy Hair Stylist will visit us every month should you be interested in this service. We will inform you prior to the date of her visit. Preference and style of hair-cuts will be jotted down as per the parent’s instruction.

Vaccination services are offered to all children at The Little Citizen Academy branches on a monthly basis.

Parents will receive a letter regarding vaccination services and dates available at the Academy. Should you be interested in the service, your child’s immunization record is required and must be send to the Academy on the day of immunization as well as proof of payment of the vaccine to be given.

A receipt will be issued and the parents can claim from their medical aid. The Nurse will STRICTLY only vaccinate on the parents request and consent. A full developmental assessment, weight and head circumference will also be done on the child with a report to the parents.

Care after 13:00 is provided to our children free of charge. For those parents who want to fetch their children half-day, are welcome to do so and may arrive at 11:45 (after lunch) or at 14:15 after nap-time. Kindly ensure to inform your Care giver what time will suit you best, should you require half day care only. Our Academy do not offer half-day fees as our staff morale is always of the utmost best and where loyalty is always guaranteed, providing quality service with excellent care at all times.