The following health rules will be applicable but are not limited to the minimum standards set by the Health Department.
1. General

If your Child is sick, suffers from any ailment, or incurable illness, the Parent shall inform The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY thereof and The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY reserves the right to refuse care.

Immunisation and vaccination must be done in accordance with the prescribed laws and the Parent must present the necessary certificates at the request of The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY.

The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY shall inform the parent immediately should the Child, whilst he/she is in the care of The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY, fall ill or be injured. If The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY is reasonably of the opinion that the Child is at any stage too ill to be accepted for care, The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY may refuse to receive such Child for care.

If your child is too sick to play outside or take part in daily activities, the Parent shall not bring the child to The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY until the child is symptom free for at least 24 hours.

In the event of any emergency, The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY reserves the right to call for the assistance of accredited rescue personnel and The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY reserves the right to take the Child, for the account of the Parent, to the nearest Medical Facility.

(A copy of both parents medical aid card is to be provided).

2. Contagious Illnesses
If your Child contracts a children’s disease or any contagious sickness including HEADLICE and/or any contagious alimentary canal disorder, (i.e. Diarrhoea, Rotavirus and Gastro Enterities), eye infection (Pink Eyes), Hand-Foot-Mouth disease and H1N1 (Swine Flu) the Parent shall not bring the Child to The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY and undertakes to comply with the applicable health regulations. A Child’s recovery from the abovementioned illness or disorder must be confirmed by a certificate issued by medical practitioner before the Child is once again placed in the care of The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY.
3. Medication

Children who are sick and need Antibiotics or any prescribed medication, are required to stay home for at least the first 2 (two) days of treatment (48 hours). If further prescription medication is required to complete the prescription cycle, we shall after 2 days of home care, administer the medication on your written instruction.

All medicines to be administered to your Child, on your written instruction, must be provided in an already filled syringe and placed in a clearly marked container with your child’s name. Instructions regarding the type of medicines, the quantity to be administered and the frequency of the administration, must be furnished in writing by the Parent in the child’s Personal Book and recorded in the Office Medication Register, failing which The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY shall not be expected to administer any medication to your child. No exceptions will be made to this Rule.

4. Allergies

All allergies your child may suffer from must be clearly indicated on the Admittance Form and brought under the attention of the Manager and Teacher / Day Mother.

If your Child is in any way allergic to specific foods, The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY must be notified thereof and the Parent must supply such special food as is necessary. Baby milk, juices and purity food shall be supplied by the Parent to The LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY.