Our fee structure will be as follows:
Monthly Fee January – November (payable over 11 months): R2 640-00
Registration & Development fund per annum (non-refundable): R2 640-00
  1. The yearly remuneration will be reviewed, with effect from 1st January of each consecutive year of care in respect of your baby.
  2. There is a R100-00 discount applicable for the youngest sibling attending The Little Citizen Academy Wilropark branch.
  3. Monthly fees are calculated over an 11 month period, ending November. No fees will be payable for the month of December, but should you have joined during the year, a pro-rata fee will be payable for December. Please see the table below for December pro-rata fee payments.

    The December fee for those children who joined after the 1st of January 2016, will be calculated on a pro-rata basis for December e.g. should you wish to enroll in August, your pro-rata fee for December will be R1 540-00.

    FEB R 220-00
    MARCH R 440-00
    APRIL R 660-00
    MAY R 880-00
    JUNE R1 100-00
    JULY R1 320-00
    AUGUST R1 540-00
    SEPTEMBER R1 760-00
    OCTOBER R1 980-00
    NOVEMBER R2 200
    DECEMBER (pro-rata for only 11 days in Dec) R1 500-00

  4. Fees are strictly payable in advance ON OR BEFORE the last working day of the month.
  5. Monthly fees are payable via the following methods:
    i. Internet Banking (proof of deposit required)
    ii. Cash (please note that a R20-00 cash handling fee is required when paying with cash)
    iii. No card or cheque facilities available.
  6. Should you wish to pay upfront for the full year, you will qualify for a discounted amount of R1 500-00. Please enquire with the office should you wish to make use of this option.
Kindly ensure when using the internet banking facility option, to make payment 3 to 4 days prior to the last working day of the month, for the fees to reflect on the last working day of the month.
Banking details for MONTHLY FEE payments are as follows:
The Little Citizen Academy WILROPARK.
FNB Cresta
Cheque account
Cheque acc no: 62071495537
Branch no: 254905.
Please ensure to use your baby’s name as a reference when making monthly payments
Registration & Development Fund:
  1. The annual Registration & Development fund are payable in the amount of R2 640-00 per child for 2015 upon enrollment.
  2. The fee is levied yearly on 01 October, should your child remain with The Little Citizen Academy the following year.
  3. The Re-registration fee will also confirm your child’s re-enrolment for the following year.
  4. To pay the Registration & Development fund fee upfront and as a once-off amount for the year, it simplifies the admin for the Academy and budget planning for the parents.
  5. The Development fund fee will be used for your child’s yearly needs:
For example:

Hygienic wet-wipes are used to clean our baby’s hands, mouths as well as their bottoms. We do not allow face cloths for hygienic purposes. Sunscreen, tissues, disposable nappy bags for dirty/wet clothes, body/face cream and vaseline are some of the toiletries supplied from the development fund.

Each class will receive a stationery pack to be used for the year. We budget for each child in accordance with the class’ stationery requirement list.

School bag & other branded goodies
We will send your child’s journal home on a daily basis as well as class work from time-to-time. It is therefore important that all learners use the school’s branded Little Citizen Academy’s school bag. The bag is perfectly sized to fit neatly in our class “lockers”. Please note that your little one will receive a bag upon enrollment.

Various branded goodies may be included for the new year and which may form part of the Development fund, for e.g. a lunch box and water bottle / car sun visor / branded medicine container with syringes (a must-have for your little one’s medication usage at school) etc.

School T-Shirt & Hat
Your child will receive a branded school t-shirt and hat annually and upon enrollment. All children must wear their special branded t-shirts and hats on specific theme days as well as to our special school functions. Parents will be notified in advance when their children’s school branded clothing must be worn.

Bed linen
Your child will sleep on a baby / toddler mattress during nap time and he/she will receive their own 2 x sets of mattress covers and pillow cases. Please ensure to clearly mark your child’s own linen to avoid confusion. Linen will be send home weekly on Fridays to be washed. Kindly ensure to return clean linen on Mondays.

Annual Individual photos / Class photo
Your child’s annual photos and class photo will be paid from the Development fund.

Welcome photo in the Entrance Hall
Upon enrollment, your little one will be photographed and a special Baby Graduate photo will be placed on our Welcome wall in the Entrance hall.

KINDLY NOTE: All of the abovementioned have been budgeted and paid for upfront to our Suppliers.
The Registration & Development fund is non-refundable and eliminates the need for the Little Citizen Academy to request smaller fees for little extras and activities offered during the year.


The Little Citizen Academy Wilropark
FNB Cresta
Savings account
Acc no: 62472082149
Branch code: 254905
Please ensure to use your baby’s name as a reference when making Registration & Development fee payments.