“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge,
and knowledge will make you’re a great Leader”.

Abdul Kalam

Our Curriculum and Educational program is aligned with the latest Early Childhood Development policies in South Africa, incorporating the best local and international trends in education.

The PRACTICA age appropriate learning program for babies aged 3 months to 18 months is applied. It unlocks the baby’s full potential through play and encourages each baby to reach certain goals and develop specific baby milestones age-appropriately.

We ensure to use our Baby Gym equipment daily to encourage Play through Learning. This is done in a fun and musical environment with small supervised groups in order to provide enough hands-on assistance for encouragement and safety.

Babynastics is another stimulation and development program that forms part of our Baby curriculum. The program develops little bodies and minds and we incorporate the program into our Baby Massage program weekly. The Baby Massage stimulation program is done by a trained staff member (who attended an accredited Baby Massage course) in a relaxed and warm atmosphere with soft relaxing music being played.

The older babies (18 – 24 months old) need more structured stimulation programs and these are presented in a playful, yet concrete way. The outcomes embedded in our curriculum, educational and development plan include:

  • Potty-training
  • Language development: Afrikaans and English
  • Physical stimulation and development (Baby massage and Babynastics programme)
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Creative development and art
  • Cognitive thinking and awareness
  • Memory skills
  • Numeracy skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
Please note: We adjust our approach based on the physical and emotional readiness of each child.

Weekly themes and age- appropriate activities are presented to our toddlers where they are encouraged to join in the different activities e.g. painting, drawing, cutting, pasting, playing with dough etc. By presenting them the opportunity to experiment from this early age, provides their inquisitive little minds to keep their busy little fingers stimulated, in all areas that enable them to grow and be successful.

The Baby Academy is a feeder school for The Toddler Academy and provides approximately 24 – 30 toddler “citizens” every year to The Toddler Academy. An open-day during the month of August will be held in order for you to view the Toddler Academy and all it has to offer.

The Little Citizen Academy is well known in the area for its outstanding teaching methodology and curriculum and is also a feeder school for many of the private and public primary schools in the area.