The following characteristics are associated with this age group:

"Children are great imitators, give them something to imitate”is known to be said by a respectful and caring leader, Mother Teresa. At this stage of their lives, they develop their own emotions by watching closely and imitating what they see. Just like Mother Teresa, our Baby Teresas actions become intentional, trying to understand their surroundings through learning to trust others out of their comfort zone.

  • Body development as well as social & emotional development forms a big part of their world.

  • Praise, support, positive motivation and building a relationship between trust & love are very important.

  • Crawling, space acknowledgment, bubble-talk, curiosity, discovering their own emotions such as laughing, crying, being anxious or shy are common factors own to this group.

  • Supporting their behaviour helps them to stay motivated.

  • Sounds complete their language & vocabulary.